Accounting Services

Accounting Services

  • Accounting Setup

    Accounting Setup

  • Income (Profit & Loss) Statement

    Income (Profit & Loss) Statement

  • Balance Sheet

    Balance Sheet

  • Cash Flow / Budgeting

    Cash Flow / Budgeting

  • Financial Statements & Reports

    Financial Statements & Reports

  • Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly-End Review

    Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly-End Review

  • Books Cleanup

    Books Cleanup

  • Management Reporting

    Management Reporting

  • Financial Analysis

    Financial Analysis

Our Process is so Simple!

  • Step 1
    Your Office

    Your Office

  • Step 2
    Source Documents

    Source Documents

  • Step 3


  • Step 4


  • Step 5
    Month End Reporting

    Month End Reporting

  • Step 6
    Year End Reports

    Year End Reports

  • Step 7
    Tax Compliance

    Tax Compliance

Bookkeeping Services

  • General Ledger

    General Ledger

  • Accounts Payable

    Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

    Accounts Receivable

  • Cash Application

    Cash Application

  • Bank / Credit Card Reconciliation

    Bank / Credit Card Reconciliation

  • Payroll


  • Inventory


  • Fixed Assets

    Fixed Assets

Tax Preparation Services


We do Tax Preparation for Individuals (1040) as well as Businesses (1065, 1120, 1120s, 1041) at very economical rates. Let us do 1 Individual return and 1 Business Return free of charge for you to see our quality for yourself. We support many major Tax software such as Intuits’s Lacerte and Creative Solutions’ Ultra-Tax. Our outsourced Tax Preparation Services are supervised by Indian CPAs at our India office.

Statutory Compliance

The range of statutory compliance services offered by DVS LLP are targeted towards assisting businesses to be more efficient in their routine operations and to well-manage their organization. We are here to help you manage and handle all the statutory items checklist in the best possible way. While we manage the statutory compliance for you, your company or organization can focus on core work, strategic business activities and can work towards other such important aspects.

It is very important to understand that statutory compliance is of paramount importance. It is very essential for companies and organization to adhere to all the labour regulation of the country, where it is situated. Avoiding or non-compliance to it can simply result into inviting troubles like fines, penalty and legal complications. To get assistance in this, company or organization should seek expert and professional advice from law experts. Statutory compliance management is mandatory for every company or organization which hire employees and pays salaries to them. It is very essential for them to comply with legal labour laws to avoid any sort of legal implications or financial loss.

Statutory Compliance Services

Statutory compliance in HR

Any company or organisation does require staff or employees to carry out specific activities or to manage specific departments at workplace. This is where statutory compliance in HR has a pivotal role. This area of compliance covers major aspects such as PF, ESI, Professional Tax, etc.

Statutory compliance in Accounts

It is very important to maintain proper accounts in order to take correct financial decisions. Therefore, if you are operating a company or business, then it is very important to keep a proper track of income and expenses to avoid legal complications at any point of time. By keeping statutory compliance in accounts, you can control your business in a systematic way and can raise capital in a proper way.

Statutory compliance in Payroll

When it comes to managing statutory compliance in payroll, then our proficient team of DVS LLP are here to ensure that salaries are processed, computed and managed accurately and are forwarded for payment as per the scheduled time. By managing the staff salaries on time proves that the organisation or the company cares for its employees and by receiving payments on time, employees too can be motivated to perform their best at the workplace.